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Duoo desk is the desire to express character through the minimalism of forms. Its thin horizontal lines and angled metal legs create a powerful visual image. The upper shelf allows you to place stationery so that it does not disturb while working. A hidden tray on the surface for connecting devices maintains a clean aesthetics. The table top made of natural veneer carries the warmth of the natural wood texture. The desk maintains an impeccable balance, thanks to harmoniously selected materials, functionality and practicality combined with aesthetics of regular and strict forms.

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37 Degrees

With an embedded bluetooth sound system which is activated by user’s finger tapping on the table top, this product is able to complete bluetooth connection, music playing and switch between songs quickly, while supporting music played by various devices. Apart from its advanced feature of man-machine interaction, this table has a wireless charging zone, just put your phone in the charging area on the top of the coffee table to get it charged. Neat and convenient.

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The Lido folds into a small rectangular box. When folded, it serves as a storage box for small items. If they lift the side plates, joint legs project out from the box and Lido transforms into a tea table or a small desk. Likewise, if they completely unfold the side plates on both sides, it transforms into a large table, with the upper plate having width of 75 Cm. This table can be used as a dining table, especially in Korea and Japan where sitting on the floor while dining is a common culture.

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Sama is an authentic furniture series that provides functionality, emotional experience and uniqueness through its minimal, practical forms and strong visual effect. The cultural inspiration drawn from the poetry of whirling costumes worn in Sama ceremonies is reinterpreted in its design through a play of conic geometry and metal bending techniques. The sculptural posture of the series is combined with simplicity in materials, forms and production techniques, to offer functional & aesthetic benefits. The result is a modern furniture series providing a distinctive touch to living spaces.

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Duo is a modular system, capable of creating a spatial graphic sign which captures the 1960s mid-century modern vibe. The modules are easily assembled and disassembled with rubber bands, without any tools, allowing the user to adjust the aesthetic to their own liking. The black and white modulation recalls the geometric compositions of mid-century style, while in pastel colors it changes into a flight of butterflies. Duo can be arranged with ease as a room divider, console, side table, always creating a distinctive pattern that changes stylistically with changing colors.

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Folded 01

Folded 01 is the latest design by Erno Dierckx. In his work he tries to challenge the way everyday object are constructed and goes back to the essence of the product. In this way every object gets a minimalistic yet sophisticated look. Erno Dierckx works with honest durable materials and subtle color details. The goal of this year is to find the right partner to bring the chair into production and expand the collection, including a table and lounge chair.

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