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Pam is comparable to a puzzle, every of its part is inimitable. Each leg, arm and back rest element is singularly carved, assembled and honed manually, conducting a seamless design. Through this production process, every element is a character of its own, making Pam a case of sui generis and giving an overall harmonious look. The lamellar structure of the palm leaf served as inspiration for the distinctive design of the Pam chair and its name.

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It’s a multifunctional vase suitable for different scenes. First of all, this is a unique vase that can hold flowers, dried flowers or fruits. The detachable transparent glass container and the platform enable it to combine with the object being held in different ways. Secondly, at the bottom of it is a Bluetooth player, which attempts to establish a dialogue between human and nature by integrating with the vase, bringing a multi-sensory experience to people.

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Reminiscent of Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci, which is a building block for modern and ancient civilization, and a standard of beauty across all disciplines to this day. The bookshelf functions as a keeper of knowledge. The shelving is a silhouette of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man carrying out a rhythm orchestrated by the copper rods. Ring is a statement piece that interacts with both the space and the user. It can be placed against a wall or beautifully separate two spaces in a subtle way.

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Golden Butterfly

The Golden Butterfly Chair is an original household product jointly developed by Professor Ko-Fei Chang and Wingstone Casa; it took up 6 months of time from the proposal confirmation to factory implementation with countless of adjustment and modifications during the process to finally end up with the Golden Butterfly Chair. The Golden Butterfly Chair, as its name implies, originated from butterflies in nature; dancing butterflies are graceful, and the form of their flying wings is wonderful.

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The cosmetic mirror simplifies Baroque style furniture, making it tally with modern aesthetic appreciation. The overall framework of cosmetic mirror uses stainless tube to support, with punching in the aluminum plate on the back board. The front is hollowed out to increase visual layers. The surface of mirror is the focus of vision, and the circular surface adds grace to the product, allowing it to be different from other products in current market. The bottom has a plate for storage.

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The tie chair 2020 is carved with the concept a chair that helps couples get along. The curve of the backrest is designed in such a way that when two people sit side by side, their bodies naturally snuggle together. As a seating for dining or to kick up your feet to enjoy your favorite book, it should suite any desired situation comfortably. Facing each other or side-by-side, the idea is to provide a format-less space allowing for people to be comfortable as they please.

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