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The design was inspired by the geometrical sculptures of Golden Ratio and Mangiarotti. The form is interactive, offering the user different combinations. The design consists of four coffee tables of different sizes and a pouf lined up around the cube form, which is a lighting element. The elements of the design are multifunctional to meet the user's needs. The product is produced with Corian material and plywood.

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Dava is developed for open space offices, schools and universities where quiet and concentrated work phases are important. The modules reduce acoustic and visual disturbances. Due to its triangular shape, the furniture is space efficient and allows a variety of arrangement options. The materials of Dava are WPC and wool felt, both of which are biodegradable. A plug-in system fixes the two walls to the tabletop and underlines simplicity in production and handling.

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B Fora

B Fora is an iconic ceramic vase. The shapes come from the combination between the classic amphora of Ancient Greek and the curvy woman’s body. Starting from the wide rim, the narrow neck of the vase measures only 1.5 cm, creating a soft curve that helps to drain the liquids in a single flow. From the shoulder to the belly, the vase reveals at 360° the shapes of a self-confident woman, proudly showing herself.

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Gis is a three legged wooden chair with bronze feet and is carved out from two walnut logs with exquisite craftsmanship to seem as a sculpture. The wood knots and scars are remained exposed to give the objects a special characteristic. Despite its uncanny appearance, Gis is ergonomic due to the careful design of curves and angles. The design is an exploration of solid wood possibilities and also is a walk on the edge of Art and Design, Beauty and Function.

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Surprisingly durable, warm and soft, felt carpets have been widely used in the everyday life of nomads since ancient times. The Kazakh people call felt carpets Syrmak. The advantages of such products are: 1. exceptional density; 2. reduced thermal conductivity; 3. tactile sensations from touching the material. 4.Environmentally friendly The technology of making felt carpets does not require special equipment, so anyone who wants to can make a carpet for themselves.

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Standly Bao

Standly Bao is a assistive device for workers who need to go through long period of standing, keeping them in fine standing posture and mental state, at the same time having the same mobility as standing. With three points pressure method, pressure of lower limbs can be reduced, thus keeping workers from developing wrong standing posture. When the device is folded up, it gives back the space to narrow working space such as counters in bar or department store.

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