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Cecilia is an armchair in a sustainable way, made of reused materials. A tribute for a lovely grandmother, who was in love with handmade works and the nature. A way to give new use for special materials that could go to the trash. With a poetic and comfortable backseat. The design of its low and reclining structure its an invitation to rest.

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Bloom is a succulent dedicated grow box that acts as a stylish home furniture. It provides perfect growing conditions for succulents. The main aim of the product is to fill the desire and nurture for whom living in urban areas with less green environment access. Urban life comes with many challenges in daily life. That leads people to ignore their nature. Bloom aims to be the bridge between consumers and their natural desires. The product is not automated, it aims to assist consumer. The application support will allow users to take action with their plants which will allow them to nurture.

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Grundig Serenity

Serenity is a contemporary tea maker that focuses on joyful user-experience. The project mostly focuses on aesthetic elements and user experience as the main aim suggests product to be different from the existing products. The dock of the tea maker is smaller than the body which allows product to look over the ground that brings unique identity. Slightly curved body combined with sliced surfaces also supports the unique identity of the product.

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One Line

The Sola garden furniture collection is a series of multifunctional products that will help charge mobile devices anywhere using the energy generated by the solar panel. The collection consists of a coffee table, deckchair and high table, each product has additional lighting and USB charging ports. The panel size has been optimally fitted for energy needs, which is why the SOLA products are independent and ecological. The minimalist look, high functionality and lightness of the construction make the sola collection ideal for the garden, restaurant, cafe.

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Para is a set of public outdoor chairs designed to provide restrained flexibility in outdoor settings. A set of chairs that has a uniquely symmetrical form and totally deviates from the inherent visual balance of conventional chair design Inspired by simple seesaw shape, this set of outdoor chairs is bold, modern and welcomes interaction. Both with a heavy weighted bottom, Para A supports 360 rotation around its base, and Para B supports bidirectional flipping.

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Moon Gate

The Moti chair integrates aesthetics and structure, breaking the traditional structure, and using circles to connect the support points, which effectively balances the forces and reducing the material loss. The use of Mortise and tenon joints and full hidden dovetail joint make the joint more stable. The design is inspired by the arches, moon gate in ancient Chinese gardens, the circular holes designation brings broader visual sense, which also implies that there is no barrier between communication.

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